We never aimed for them but always humbled by them


What any other award will not do

Andrew Trigg of Business Dynamics:

"Tulakom are truly world-class web designers.  They really understood what we wanted to achieve through our website, gave helpful advice and insights to improve on our original ideas, and communicated clearly and practically with us throughout the entire process. I am delighted with the results, and I would recommend them to anyone."

Christina Susanna Tjhin of CSIS:

"Maintaining CSIS' classy website is amongst my pride and joy of working at CSIS and it would not be as such without the creative professionalism of Tulakom. Most fundamentally, CSIS and Tulakom share the elemental understanding of what a website should be. A website, to us, reflects the dynamic identity and working culture of a particular institution. A website is a critical instrument for a think tank as prominent as CSIS to generate public policy research and advocacy; also, in particular, to perpetuate our commitment for rigorous public dialogue and education. From the beginning till the end of tender process, Tulakom shone effortlessly. We immediately appreciated the all-out presentation of the artistically gifted Satya Witoelar and IT genius - Dondy Jordan. Satya, in particular, as the leading man of Tulakom has managed to bring professionalism out its cold stiff box by flushing it with prompt helpfulness and sense of humor. All in all, we are pleased and always at ease to know that we can always rely on Tulakom and Satya in our constant efforts to improve the quality of our website."

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