Peer to Peer

If this site is for clients, then this page is for friends.

Hello Indonesia

Welcome to Tulakom 4.0
Tulakom 1.0 (2000): CSS + Frames
Tulakom 2.0 (2001): CSS + Flash + one-page trick
Tulakom 3.0 (2004): CSS + tableless HTML
Tulakom 3.1 (2004): CSS + valid XHTML
Tulakom 4.0 (2005): CSS + valid XHTML + no tricks
Let's push further
How many major Indonesian companies have standards compliant sites? Can you name a few? This year alone I made Toyota and Unilever their first CSS tableless layout websites. Help us.
Let's try harder
Stop whining. Cater to your client's audience, even if they don't have fancy computers like yours or know how to download a browser. Take fun from building something that works for them.
Let's hook up
If you are an Indonesian designer looking for jobs or just to hangout, please Join WebPM (Web Project Managers). A Yahoo! mailing list we use to trade around projects. Prepare your portfolio.

Hello World

Take notice
There are so many talented web designers and graphic designers in Indonesia. You can start with communities like Godote or MasterWeb and you see pure talent, some raw some polished.
Thanks for considerations
My designs are for my clients and their audience. I'm not confident submitting them for awards or to inspiration sites. Thanks to friends including Viking Karwur who voluntarily submitted my sites.
Thanks for inspirations
I'm mainstream, I can't quite grasp things that are too artsy fartsy and no purpose. I love visiting Cool Home Pages, Stylegala, CSS Beauty, CSS Vault, Unmatched Style, CSS Import.
Thanks for books
Inspiration sites are great, workshops are nice, asking around is useful, but what jolted me were books. Since David Siegel, Jakob Nielsen, Steve Krug, Curt Cloninger, until Jeffrey Zeldman, Dan Cederholm. Hope to see more good ones.

I get inpired by any designer. It would be nice to know you. Please Contact us to hook up.