Simple steps to go forward while welcoming you in the process

  Phase Activity Duration*
1 Design Concept Explore the right look and feel 1 week
2 Design Development Decide on exact design layout 1 week
3 Page Construction Produce all page templates 1 week
4 Programming Development Make the site come alive 2 weeks
  Launch Let the world know  

* May differ according to type of project and client's preferences.

Detailed schedule included in our proposal. Please Contact us and request a proposal.

Working Together

It's only worth it with someone you can trust

Clear Process

Every step of the project are communicated clearly to you prior to and during the development process. We explain which steps require your actions, then it's up to you how much you want to get involved, because we're flexible.

Flexible Process

Busy clients can set the project to cruise control. This allows you to sit back and relax, while our team proceed confidently towards completion until you choose to jump into the process again.

Meticulous clients can get involved and ask for revisions as much as they want, since the terms are flexible (fees are based on workdays).

Efficient Process

During the development process, physical meetings are put to a minimum. Progress is reported through email and through an online Review Site that you can open anytime of the day, without allocating time for traffic jams.

Good Communicators

We speak your language, and avoid strange technical jargons. We listen to your needs, and we listen to the designer in you.

Learn & Customize

We start by learning about your business, your goals, your competitors. Then we discuss solutions on how we can take advantage of the web to reach those goals efficiently.

Your Own Expert

We always dedicate a small solid team who can do the job and explain it clearly. You will deal directly with the experts on hand, not some young sales trainee.

Choose Wisely

Before deciding on a web designer, read this great article on how to work with a designer and why you should buy standards compliant web sites to ensure you step forward confidently.

You might just found a designer you can trust. Please Contact us and explore the possibility.